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I have been away from the game for quite some time (about 1.5 years) and my old mods and organizers were well out of date.


I wiped steam, Skyrim, and all of the mod organizers from my computer and am starting from scratch with a fresh install and re-downloading all of the updated mods from scratch as I had a slew of old outdated mods and figure the clean install with new mods should be easier to get working.


My question is, what are the main pre-game tools (TES5edit? Mod Organizer? NMM? FNIS? SKSE?) that are needed/used these days for the easiest bug free setup? I should be able to figure out the in-game mods I need but don't want to use outdated organizers and loaders that don't work well anymore.


Also, I should mention atm I am planning to run regular/old Skyrim, but if it is actually easier to mod the special edition these days due to better support and updates for the new version to it I would be willing to switch.


I will be running Sexlab, animations, Zaz stuff, clothing mods, and animations.

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LOOT for load order TED5edit you can use to double check load order as well as modify .esp's SKSE is always needed if you are using any sexlab type mods as well as some other mods. NMM is fine and so is MO if you never used MO you'll need to look at some tutorials on how to use it as it takes a bit to get up and running.  When you download sexlab read the main post it lists some must haves that you need or should get. Like match maker which can be used to test animations as well as start animations between 2 people/creatures or more. Skyui and FNIS is another one that will be listed on the page.

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