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A completely deranged modding idea


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I have had this modding idea bugging me... it's just... well... see for yourself:


Mod Name: Total Consent


Makes all NPCs essential unless you engage them in conversation and gain their consent to let you kill them.


Ok, sort of not a game if you do that... (how could it even work? You just die if they shoot you? Or attacking implies consent? Or...) but... I keep thinking about doing this...

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See I go the other way.... no one is essential.  Obviously it breaks quests if the person dies, but it's far more believable than invincible everyone who is friendly (companions, settlers, faction members, etc.)  I did thoroughly enjoy the happy surprise of shooting Father in the face when I first met him, only to be immediately banished from the Institute for it.  Bethesda actually included that in their planning.  They did not however include shooting Preston in the face, or BoS Elder Maxon...

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That's the fun approach, and the sort of game everyone wants to play...


I sort of proposed my bad idea to show how bad it was.


Still ... thinking through how quests *should* work together when any quest-critical npc can be remove from the game seems tricky.



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