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Need help deciding on a body mod, have not played for a few years.

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So here is the situation. I haven't played Skyrim for years. Bodyslide wasn't even out last time I played.


I have all the other mods I want, however I cannot decide on a body mod. I used to use UNP but I always felt it was a little waifish.


Can anybody help me make sense of all the different body mods out there that I see. It used to be so easy, it was either CBBE or UNP, with a few other variations with fan-bases.


Now I see so many variations of bodies that it makes my head spin.


I'm really looking for something that looks muscular at max weight, athletic at half weight and it can look slim at low weight.


Besides that the only stipulation I have is that it has all vanilla and DLC outfits converted.


Can anybody help me out?



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Download Bodyslide, install the UUNP option.


Then download and install


Remodeled Armor UUNP


replaces the vanilla armor.

There are also other nice ones like a Tiwa44 UUNP, a Vanilla UUNP Replacer to look like Vanilla Armors/Outfits.


The Book of UUNP



The Book of UUNP, will give you around about 400 outfits for females and around about 40 outfits for men.

These come on NPC's, Loot, Enchanted Loot, Quest Rewards, craftable with manual and perk.


You can also just search UUNP on Nexus.


Here's another link for some other nice UUNP Outfits,


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There are no muscular bodies you first have to find a body or make a body in bodyslide and then download one of the many muscular body texture files on the nexus and overwrite the bodies texture files as muscles are done with texture files for skyrim and not with the actual body mesh.


Bodyslide has the 2 basic bodies used the most for skyrim you have the CBBE body a non nude CBBE body as well as a HDT CBBE UNP is now called UUNP which is basically almost all UNP bodies into one place. There is the UUNP body the UUNP HDT body the UUNP special body and the UUNP never nude body.


HDT replaced TBBP which now outdated as HDT does it a lot better the UUNP special body has a HDT body as well as a animated vagina that works with collision so that it opens and closes during penetration.


Just pick one that you like and adjust the sliders to where you want them to be at for your body and then build it.


You can also use CBBE/UUNP body and pick premade body some bodies sizes are imitations from other games like oblivion.

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There is a prepackaged Book of UUNP for Skyrim SE,

However...I don't know much about SE, don't know what alls available sorry.


Its just too much to keep track of, and I try to play some games...Do actual work to earn money and get other stuff in life done...


Sorry thought you meant Skyrim normal edition....Too be honest there are a lot of great advancements in normal edition and I read often people still complain the SSE hasn't caught up.....Thing is though it may be easier on new comers to jump on SE.

See in normal edition you gotta be more careful about what your installing and you have to set up SKSE memory patch, almost all the new guys don't know about it cause for some reason no ones made a big bill board post about how to set up a proper Skyrim Legendary modded environment.

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On 12/5/2017 at 7:45 PM, myuhinny said:

Well then if you are playing that one then you are stuck with only CBBE body for bodyslide unless you port stuff from the real skyrim.

I don't get the hate for Special Edition. Besides not having as many mods yet, it runs better and can do more than standard Skyrim will ever be able to.


I have only been playing for a little bit but can already say it looks better than my heavily modded Skryim ever did, with way less effort, and is way more stable.


Now that SKSE is available for SE, I really see no reason for modders to convert to SE, besides just being stubborn or not wanting to put int he effort to convert stuff.

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If they would of done skyrim correct in the first place there wouldn't been a need to do a SSE and they could of made a new elders scrolls game instead. But they always do it half assed and bug riddled. I'll stick to the real skyrim and will continue to convert and port for the real skyrim and I'll also not have to worry about the creation club crap. Skyrim will probably be the last game I ever buy from them.

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No your not stuck with cbbbe in SE. You can get all the uunp variations in SE. Works exactly the same as in LE however from what i hear there are an alpha version of racemenu for SE now so you can go for uunp zerosliders and then build all the UUNP armor for that. I say zero sliders because that opens all other variations. Meaning you can easily adjust your body in racemenu and all uunp clothes will always fit. As for textures in your case you can use the leyenda or demoniac skins as they both include variations in muscle looks

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