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Enjoy Open World RPG in the Palm of your hand! With Skyrim on Switch (includes bugs)


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I'll just leave Mr. Sterling's rant about this game that we all love and hate at the same time...The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim...re-released many times and including the same bugs...as long time players of this sandbox game/sex simulator in PC we are already used with said bugs and might even be surprised if we didn't find any in it but to re-release it on Nintendo's newest cash cow for the full AAA price without fixing the original bugs (and not having modding support to fix said bugs) is just disgusting...not EA type of disgusting, but disgusting nevertheless...Bethetic® even...well I guess we gotta give Bethetic® (Bethesda) credit though...for the people that weren't around in 2011 I guess it's good than ever to experience Bugrim on the go...and they capitalized on that...



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