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  1. Four-Play

    So does this framework still conflicts with Survival Options mod ?
  2. Tryhard teenage "everything is bad, evryone is stupid, world should end" edgelords. To quote Danny Glover :
  3. I fucking hate that Bugfesta actually gets away with this shit... Their games are sooo fucking bareones in vanilla it stopped being funny a long time ago, filled with the same bugs, written on the same crappy engine and if you add some mods to make it actually playable you end up with shit like that... Fuck those cunts.
  4. Once again fucking cocksucking piece of shit Skyrim decided to crash while i was leaving a dungeon after clearing it out ( Fort Greymoor ). No biggie, happens i will just load that save again.... And now it refuses to load, no matter how old save i try to load... Fuck that piece of shit of a game.
  5. Fucking leftist cocksuckers who cant discuss their ideas with facts and reason so they resort to censorship and banning people. Fuck you and everything you stand for. #RememberSargon #Youtubepurge2018 Oh and fuck that ginger cunt that interviewed prof Peterson. Fucking 30 minutes of watching her trying to trip this guy on something, put not his words in his mouth etc. Fucking journalists..
  6. Great vids man. I wanted to record something myself, only to find out that my shitty mic died Keep it up.
  7. Where is this line located ? Will it improve performance of my Skyrim ?
  8. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Oh that look interesting... Is there a mod for "nailing" someone to wall shackles ?
  9. Angela Mattelus - my first pure mage in Skyrim.
  10. Maybe experiment with settings for Aroused/Aroused creatures ? Thosw can be pretty taxing. Post your mod list 🤔
  11. I'll record and upload something when i get back from work. If i contain my ocd/add long enough to actually decide on some LP idea 😑. Dont expect miracles tho , my Skyrim looks like shit, i have a crappy mic and im not an native english speaker so you will hear some broken ass english.
  12. Turn off ENB. I had the same problem whrn entering Temple of Dibella in Makrath when i started using Grim and Somber ENB.
  13. Actually its not that bad. 12 minutes at 30fps and 30bitrate is 2 Gb so i should be okay if i just record 20-25 minutes at the time. And the quality is okay, especially if im not showing off some great graphic mods but just want to go for a RP playthrough.. And frankly i dont see much difference between 10 and 50 bitrate. It looks way better than my Skyrim in both cases. Oh and by profiles i meant something like in F4 where you have saves sorted by character, with different autosaves, quicksaves etc. I always use the same mods so i dont care about MO mod profiles that much. So now i only have to think of some interesting RP idea and record away
  14. Okay, Nvidia Share is pretty nice but fuck me, 4 minutes and almost 1Gb size file already ? Thats going to hurt I will have to experiment me thinks.