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  1. Maybe its too many item types bug ? Its a bane of any advanced save.
  2. And lets not forget that cancelled people dont just dissapear - they still exist, they take their shit elsewhere and radicalize. And are absolutely justified in doing this.
  3. Well thats because they dont care about these issues. Its just a convinient shield for a powergrab and taking all the power for you.
  4. Dont forget that Bethesda logo thing people mocked far and wide and rightfully so. And celebrities like Clooney and what he did with his house in UK. They are all full of shit.
  5. Modern music sucks twelve donkey dicks - classics are still the best.
  6. CE works fine. S16 doesnt do anything to CE stuff.
  7. Criminals who start to bitch about gestapo, fascism, bootlickers etc the second they start getting whats coming to them. Just fucking die already, you flaming cunts.
  8. Ive encountered strange ( harmless ) bug - two or three tentacle brood events fired even tho im a catholic, i never encountered tentacle monster, Player events are set to mythical and AI event are off. For some reason game thinks my single province county gets more and more convereted into tentacle rule O.o
  9. Game launches fine with this mod and plenty others. I see the decision to form Blackguards but i havent testes it further.
  10. Oh ok.. I got it anyway, i will see how broken it is exactly
  11. Any chance for Chanfana Bodies support? Only body mod i can stand...
  12. Play Dying Light, its fucking amazing game. One of those sleeper hits. Cataclysm/Zomboid are survival Rougelikes and Dead Island is like cruder, less refined Dying Light. Walking Dead by Telltale is shit - its supposedly a narrative driven game where none of your choices matter and there is no gameplay to speak of.
  13. I wonder if this mod still works.. Gotta try it i guess.
  14. Hell no, that game is absolute trash. I will stick to Cataclysm DDA/Zomboid with some sprinkling of Dying Light/Dead Island here and there. I fucking love Dying Light, such a great game.
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