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  1. Apollo Legend commited suicide... Fucking shame. I liked the dude even if i loathe speedrunning and spr community in general.
  2. Spineless discord mods who ban people overnight with zero explanation or reason. Truly the lowest form of human being, if they even count as one.
  3. Is there some easy way to modify the Dragonian Milk to be considered well.. milk by vanilla and other mods ( like Early Times or Genetic Rim )??
  4. Well they dont. Parler with little advertisment managed to get like 10mil followers in 24h. Most people use twatter because they think there is no alternative.
  5. Posting certain info on Twatter is now insta bannable offence.. And it doesnt even break any rules, isnt nsfw - its just an info. Fucking clown world i swear to god.
  6. Well unlike you im not a defeatist and i recognize value of simple work from the ground up. Everything you do makes a difference.
  7. Oh im sure you would like that, after all sjw infestation always is best done in secret with no resistance until its too late. Tough luck there.
  8. People calling women CO "sir" in mil SF... Yes, im looking at you Expanse!! Thank god for Weber and HH..
  9. Naah yours too. You arent the first dude who thinks this doesnt concern him and believes he can sit this one out. Many before you did, only to wake up one day and see their entire livelyhood gone because someone got offended at a joke they made or a single word. And as i said the "no politics" is unenforceable especially given how skewed the idea of what constitutes as politics is and how pervasive the influence of politics is on life. So in practice the "no politics" rule is just a smoke screen for the silencing those who disagree with you.
  10. Oh you poor naive fool. This culture war of ours takes no prisoners and has absolutely zero room for neutrality. And we all know what the "No Politics rule" mean in reality and how one sided it always is. But as you said - you do you.
  11. As good place as any especially in the Offtopic section and "what pisses you off" topic.
  12. Funny thing is how they always push that narrative that muslim terrorism is fueled by "radicalization from opression and muh islamophobia" ( one cunt even got a Nobel Peace Prize because of that ) yet somehow they always "forget" to apply the same logic to hating white people, blaming them for everything, wanting to take away their rights etc and act like more and more whites shifting right is just a sign of our bias and waycism and whatever their favourite buzzword of the month is.. Fucking hypocrites.
  13. Because despite what retarded teenaged edgelords might think, politics influences everything in our lives and is incredibly important. Especially now, given the leftist assault on basic Western values like free speech.
  14. Lets not forget said restriction are applied only to people who are anti left. Hundred people in the church are big no-no, thousands of blm/antifa shits rioting in the streets are ok.
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