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  1. >worldwide net censorship is not a serious thing >politicians and big corporations shuting down websites and informations they dont like is not a serious thing >relax nothing is happenning Ahh useful idiots..
  2. Oh that reminds me : I hate useful idiots who endorse censorship and pull this "Well if you got banned you obviously deserved it because corporation/government/tech company obviously cannot have an agenda and cant be wrong no sir nah nah" crap. It happened before on a massive scale in 1930's Germany - we all now how it ended.
  3. So what will happen if i use Abduction and F4SS in one save ?? Will it all get fucked or will i simply have two ways of capturing people and two different sets of options of what to do with the guy captured based on which method do i used ?
  4. Judging how fucked the AAA industry is already i would say IT ALREADY happened AND its much much worse than music industry.
  5. NASCAR Racer loses sponsorship deal because of the comment HIS FATHER MADE 30 YEARS AGO.. Is there an end to leftist lunacy ? But its not a fucking business, its a free mod - there is no question like "who gets the profit" or "who is responsible for tech support" etc. They could have just let it be available for download with very clear "Use at your own risk" label attached and simply move on.
  6. Good, i dont care about the background or their reasons. I care about the fact that they are such a fucking primadonnas they have to delete their work when they part ways just because. No its not - i can actually say fuck them and their mods. Which im planning to do because they pissed me off.
  7. Yes thank you, i have my own eyes and i can read this shit myself. I dont give a fuck that they no longer work with each other, i want to download Pilgrim and i cant because for some insane reason they decided to split and burn their awesome work they did because .... i dont fucking know.
  8. No, i meant shit like is now happened to Pilgrim ENB - no longer available to download because... i dont even fucking know, mod authors had a lovers quarrel or something ?
  9. I hate when good mods get removed from Nexus because of some fucking drama..
  10. I usually leave default fov and just use console commands in game to set it to 100. This time i tried to change it in MO2 and i guess i fucked something up.. I will try to spin this around.
  11. Found your first mistake..
  12. It was a squeaky clean installation - only things i did with actual F4 folder were copy-pasting F4SE and ENB. Everything else was done through MO2. Outside MO2 game runs fine in fullscreen, it also doesnt have any of those HUD artifacts. I thought the same thing with drivers etc but then that game wouldnt run AT ALL. But it runs all the time except fullscreen launched from MO2. EDIT : it seems that in typical Bethesda game fashion Fallout 4 decided that my blood pressure is high enough so it will generously start in Fullscreen through MO2 now... But those artifacts are still present so im guessing its one of the mods fault. My load order in the spoiler : EDIT 2 : Disabling both DEF-CORE and WIDGETS and HudFramework doesnt seem to have an effect and those are only mods i can think off to mess with Hud. EDIT3 - ok so after browsing hundreds of pages it turns out to be a problem with changing defaultFOV... Returning to default 65 seems to more or less reallign that shaded background with message boxes...
  13. Ok so i switched from NMM to MO2 for Fallout 4. I installed the same mods ( more or less ) as i had with NMM. And i run into two problems : 1. I cant fullscreen - my game crashes with the "Game stopped responding" error message as soon as it tries to start. Borderless window with 1920x1080 resolution works fine ( max resolution of my monitor ), ditto for any combination of windowed and different resolutions. Once in game, it runs fine - no stuttering, fps drops etc. Starting vanilla through normal Fallout 4 exe works fine. 2. I have these weird artifacts on my HUD when im in game. They are not the fault of any hud mod i have because even with every hud mod uninstalled i still got them. They are not present when i launch F4 in fullscreen so im guessing its the fault of that borderless window. So, any ideas why my game refuses to launch in fullscreen through MO2 ? Only reason i can think off is my computer being too weak to handle that Virtual install thing that Mo2 does Is 8Gb Ram not enough ?
  14. Canaris

    Best sandbox and managment adult games?

    IIRC there is no Biing!! english version. If you want sandbox mangment adult games then there is Wet the Sexy Empire, obscure game called Airport 69, stuff like Rimworld with adult themed mods etc.. Not much more im afraid
  15. Canaris

    [RimWorld] [B18] RimJobWorld 1.6.1a

    So is Rimjobworld still integrated with EPOE and Children&Pregnancy mod because im kinda confused tbh ?