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  1. Will addictol/doctor cure me of being cum guzzler ? I find it annoying as fuck... If not addictol/doctor then is there a way to do this ?
  2. Well that one i know. But i remember that SLM kinda fucked up several of my characters when i tried to change facial structure. Only safe things to change were haircut/hair colours, skin colour, makeup/scars and probably the body tattoos.. Guess i will have to try.
  3. Okay is the ability to change Ivy looks come from this mod or do people just use slm console command ?
  4. Canaris

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Im confused as fuck about that installer ... What the hell i should install if i only want HDT vagina ? I have everything else i need : custom skeletons, body, skin texture, sliders etc...
  5. I cant, option is enabled and greyed out
  6. Naaah bro its cool. I actually dig it, i was looking for something to make my female character more like an actual people not some weeb wet dream animu plastic doll. That shit will go great with that tutorial i have to add some abs/veins and muscles to every body there is there. I can finally have some fit gritty Valkyrie ... with a giant juicy cock of course.
  7. Aaaand you made me ditch the Unp schlong for females and Fair Skin Complexion in favour of this mod and Mature Skin... I hope you are happy, man..
  8. I dont look for a single esp file. That thread is actually kind moot already, because i actually got a combination of mods that answers my every need.
  9. Why is my cure for rash not working ? I crafted it no problem, its in the aid section of the pip pad but when i try to use it i get a message that "this item cant be used"....
  10. Its not like i have a choice. But as a animation junkie those animations unavailable to me becasue they are AAF exclusive are triggering me
  11. Oh i guess ill stick with Four Play for now... I mean, i restarted that game soo many times whats another one means after all
  12. Just my fucking luck... The moment i want to make my Fallout sexier and finally start a REAL game from start to finish, big switch starts to happen between two basic sex platforms and every mod is put into this weird transitioning limbo. And my OCD ridden brain wont stop bitching about me starting a new game because "bro, AAF version of everything will come out the second you get invested into your current character bro, dont do it"... I fucking hate myself.. So how actually good is that FourPlay proxy from AAF ?? Will it more or less work fine ?
  13. Canaris

    George Takei is innocent

    George Takei is one of the "faces" of MeToo movement. A social media virtue signalling fake outrage bullshit used to level anonymous rape/sexual assault/molestation charges against people that ruined countless careers and lives. So i dont give two shits that he is the one actually suffering now from an anonymous accusation. What is so hard to understand ? If it happened to anyone clean and innocent i would be fucking pissed as always, but since it happens to someone like Takei - no fucks given.
  14. Yo, your work is superb as always but did you ever considered merging all your outfits into one esp ? Im asking because i would love to use them all but i constantly play Fallout on nearly max plugins and cant really install them all Will it be okay to merge all of them ? They arent added to leveled lists, no npc use them so in theory i should be okay right ?