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  1. Show us your character!

    Tag teaming with Dreamy Daddy Boone. Shame Paciencia cant be modded
  2. Well im a 100% PC player since at least 2007 and i dont give a fuck about consoles so Konami can kiss my ass and their shenenigans dont affect me. >tfw last good PES was PES 5 for Ps2
  3. "Your Skyrim mods are Sexist"

    Feminists bitching about how sex is wrong ... Gee what a novelty.
  4. I dont hate it, i find it the only redeeming factor in that abomination of a game ( when modded of course ). What i hate about it is the usual level of halfassedness Bethesda put into that feature - no bearing on the plot, no bearing on the gameplay ( no special ending if you make few great cities, producing anything is pointless because there is soo much loot everywhere you will never run out of shit like ammo, meds or rads etc ), instead of few BIG zones that you can go wild with and build anything you like you get many small building zones that you cant really do anything with beside building a small shack, few beds and basic farm plot/water fountain etc.
  5. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Grim and Somber is an absolute beast. Technochromatic is also great. I dont know how efficient they are, no matter what ENB im running im still getting 33 fps max on worldspace and in big cities and 40 max in small cells so ...
  6. Shadow and her companion Marina.
  7. Its funny how i see this thread literally few hours after i had to abandon my first ever MALE playthrough because shitload of content that i had was female only ( to name only two : Sisterhood of Dibella quest to become Sister is not possible while playing as a guy and Eager NPC's gender change doesnt help and Sexlab Achievement mod gets really whacky while playing a guy )... Dont get me wrong, i had plenty of fun raping captured bandits, fucking Orgnar for info on Faendal etc but Skyrim modding is so skewed toward playing as a women/female centered/lesbian content its not even funny anymore. And as guy before me said - it feels wrong when i play a bi/sub guy , if i play as a women i can be anything - sub/dom/bi, i can fuck animals and people alike and i get more content like armours, items, better bodies etc. I never "get my char raped" - it only happens naturaly, i have Defeat set on very rare settings where its really unlikely i will ever get raped but its a possibility.
  8. I hate when i have to agree with that sjw shitstain... Bethesda is just embarassing themselves at this point. But then again buying a beth game on a platform without mods is in like top five most stupid shit gamer can do.
  9. SexLab Defeat

    Strange, i have this all switched on already. Jenassa recovered almost like the battle had ended, maybe its because i set her to be essential ( as opposed to protected ) with EFF menu ?
  10. SexLab Defeat

    How do i ensure that followers will also get assaulted ? I was travelling with Jenassa when i was jumped by two spriggans and a troll. Jenassa got knocked down, i got it too some ten seconds later. Before any animation started playing she recovered her health, stood beside me and when troll started fucking me - message appeared that she witness the crime and intervined and she simply knocked troll of me allowing me to pull up my backup weapon and hack them all to pieces :/ It would be nice to ensure that followers will also get fucked OR at least stay down till scene is completed. Or is it impossible and my only solution is to travel alone ?
  11. Selena, the Wood Elf. Something of a novum for me because its my first Skyrim playthrough ever without the infinite carry weight cheat.
  12. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I've let Bishop have fun with some bandit that attacked us on our way to Whiterun. And one lucky Redguard although the weather is hardly sensual or romantic :D ...
  13. Man you speak french to me xD. Im a total dumbass when it comes to doing anything more than use NMM/FNIS to make the mod work...
  14. Petition To Revoke EA's Star Wars Licence

    Sad thing is - second part its not relevant because it actually lacks few studios like Visceral and DICE LA...
  15. Well Tigersan stuff is extreme as fuck, i meant something more tame just with clearly visible abdominal muscles. There are few athletic female mods on Nexus but unlike Fair Skin Complexion that i use there is always weird discoloration problem where dick i visibly in different color than the body ( whole dick, not only the base )...