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Any1 ever had a similar grafic/colour bug like this?


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Hello guys n girls,

i wanted to ask you all if any1 have ever encountered a similar problem as depicted in the video-link




the colours go totally crazy, i have some grafic mods and enb installed, but they never made any problems.

Be4 the bug happened, i installed an mod and deinstalled right after, when nmm hinted its not compatible, but it wasnt a grafic mod, just one that alters children to use clothes n armors, so nothing that should have impact like tht on the colours n frames.

I just post this in the hope some1 recognize what that could be and i dont have to make a complete reinstall.




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Thx for the hint with the enb, made me check options again.

Got it working :D Solution was easier than thought, anti aliasing and anisotropic filter were automatically resetted to max last time i opened the optionsmenu, causing interfering with the enb options^^

Glad for the help, have a nice day ;)

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