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360 Walk/Run Animations Not Fully Working


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I had downloaded walk animations for both idle and wielding 2 handed weapons and they're able to go in full 360 directions but for some reason they halfway function? When I move forward the animation is 100% fine, but when sideways my character's torso still faces forward causing the animation to look weird, and when backing up it's...sideways and a little towards the camera. The image attached is what plays when I try walking backwards. I have the latest version of XMPSE with the right install and everything, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the situation.



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I have this mod too, and IIRC, it affects only the walking/running (sheathed) animations, not the weapon drawn animations.  The weapon drawn animations would be governed by whatever pack weapons animation pack you were using.  For instance, I'm using Pretty Combat animations - mostly the Spell Sword 1h variety.  When I go to 3rd person with weapon drawn and strafe left/right the character side-steps while facing front.  Additionally, when moving backward with weapon drawn, the character back-pedals (while still facing front).   When performing the same actions with weapons sheathed, the character faces the direction of movement: left, right, or toward the screen (respectively).

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This isn't the actual 360 walk/run from yuki but they're said to have the 360 shtick, I've got one set for 2 handed melee and another for the walking. I tried to replace my animations in PCEA2 so nothing conflicted and activated only those animation sets and I'm getting this. Perhaps I still have some conflicting animations?

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