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Just found god tactic for installing mods...


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I'm sure a lot of people know this, or you can do it in MO, but whatever...


Anyway, i found out that you can put all your manually downloaded mods into a folder. Then hit the add mod in NMM, you can select multiple mods at once and it will add them. For forever I was adding 1 at a time like a mega nerd. Papa Bless. 


Well...That's it, I feel like a fucking demigod now...

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NNM should already have a folder where it stores it's mods that you have downloaded and installed. If you open NMM one of the tabs at the top should show a tab for where NMM stores it mods if you click open the folder then you can open it and drop all of your manually downloaded mods directly into the folder. Refresh NMM so that it reads the new mods and shows them and then start installing.


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