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Getting BodyChange to work with dynamic normal map mods


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Just like the title says. I'm using BodyChange so that I can switch between my favorite CBBE and UUNP bodies, and while it works well enough for a single unchanging normal map, I'm wondering if it's possible to get it to work with a dynamic normal map changer so that I can have muscle progression regardless of which type of body I switch to.

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You mean this Mod?



If so, in description is explained how you setup a custom body with mesh and textures.


Example: If your CBBE is Set 1 and you need CBBE with muscle normalmap as Set 6 .


Copy all files from this folders:




in this folders




Then in Data\Textures\BodyChange\CustomSet6 you can use different FemaleBody_1_msn.dds.




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