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Looking for Outfit and Character ressources

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Looking for the outfit of the taller character here. And I have to ask that annoying question regarding the face, how did the creator do it? I am interested in the facial shape primarily, not so much textures though. That's not CITRUS is it? Or is that a custom race? Hell I have no idea. If anyone knows, that'd be mighty amazing.


Just in case someone wants to know who the shorter character is, that's Maxine from the nexus.




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7 minutes ago, darrenstone said:

about the face, the creator of Maxine use head mesh from 'girl of innocence' mod, which is hidden on nexus but you can google it. as for short character try to use ECE + Rans ECEE, you can set the character scale with that.

I stated that I am looking for the tall characters face ressources, NOT Maxines.

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