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Animated Prostitution Mod

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I used to have this mod a few years ago called animated prostitution. It was great, it introduced conversation options that were effected by speech/barter and I could fuck anyone. I could even set my follower or even main character to go whore themselves around town for gold. Sadly, nexus mods no longer carries the mod and this website seems to be the only place I can find anything like it. Does anyone know where I could find this animated prostitution mod? Or possibly recommend some newer, more up to date/compatible mods. 

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You can look at tdf prostitution if you want to whore your yourself and your companion out. Its pretty fleshed out but unfortunitely it is a bit old but still works great. Another option is radiant prostitution but that is just for the player but comes with some quests like home delivery, or being send to pleasure a whole camp. There are beastiality but that can be avoided if im not mistaken. In your case I would go for TDF as you can basically train anyone in skyrim to be your whore and work for you while you adventure.

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For prostitution I use

And not really for income but sole for holy puposes

  • Sisterhood of Dibella (the money goes to the temple as an offering)

They all work together - you just need to remember which dialogue belongs where ...  :cool:


Finally, if you can live with some bugs or wait for the next version - try Maria Eden. But you should read the documentation of that REALLY carefully before you play it in your real game.

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