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CBBE Nude texture messed up


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I've installed the main Fallout 4 sex related mods from this site, and made a body with bodyslide. Everything is fine so long as the clothes are on, however upon removing clothes, the size defaults to the vanilla female pc and the texture is all messed up. I believe it may have something to do with the fact I had to make a textures folder under Data in the file directory. It would seem the game still favors the bethesda archive files under certain circumstances. Do I have to extract all the textures files from the base game to the Texture folder I created?

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15 minutes ago, Nurblets said:

a textures folder under Data in the file directory.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mod FO4 all that much but it seems to have the same file system as Skyrim, but isn't this where it should be?

It's likely it defaults to the vanilla female mesh because it IS the vanilla female mesh. Place the mesh you created in the data folder (FO4/Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/Character Assets... I don't actually know the correct file path for FO4 but it's that for Skyrim.)

The messed up texture is likely because of this, because it's applying a CBBE UV to a Vanilla mesh.

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You could also open up a BSA file and look at what the mesh and texture path for a item is and then set up the folders to match that. Or if the extraction is like skyrim if you extract 2 items from the skyrim BSA it'll extract that as well as the folders as well and all you have to do is drop the folder in the data folder and then add/alter the files in there.

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It was weird because there wasn't a textures folder already there. What I need to do is get the game to read the new CBBE files.

In fact I know something is up because when I look under the data tab in Mod Organizer 2, there's a conflict with the CBBE esp listed.

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