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FourPlay Rules for Animations???


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Out of extreme curiosity... are there guidelines or rules shall we say, about adding custom animations to Fourplay? I dont mean altering the code of FourPlay in any way, I mean, identifying an existing Leito or Crazy animation and replacing it for something customized? I have custom animations Ive made, that I want to include in a mod (RSE, and only the three female masterbation ones) but want to know if there were hard rules about doing such as this... and if it was a question that needed answering, yes I have privately tested this and yes it does work without issue.





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Instead of replacing excisiting once you can add your own and keep the original look at leito plugin he added more instead of replacing. and then forplay will use your own custom and keeping the original intact aswell. but maybe it is better if vinfamy or someone else explains how foreplay works.

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but Leito added stages to his existing animations which do not show in four play triggered events as they are not supported yet. The original base animation still works, but not the stages. The reason for this lies in the code of four play where each animation file is specifically referenced and put into an array. I for one have never seen the new stages in any four play event. Ive gone through the source code of four play and I am very confident that one needs to add their animation to it and recompile. And Im also certainly there are rules about not doing this... hence the replacers for Crazy's masterbation animations.


But yes, I am totally waiting to hear from someone with the rights to compile / distribute the four play mod, be it Vin or Jaam or whomever...

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1 hour ago, jaam said:

Animation Loading is the functionality I have been working on for the last months. Unfortunately work is going way slower that I expected.


Hey Jaam, thanks for chiming in. This more or less, taken in context, confirms that one cannot simply make an animation and have it play in four play events. And mate, any step forward is a step forward, regardless of time - we all appreciate anything and everything you do :)

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