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[Help] Sims is nude in CAS but not in gameplay


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So I'm having this weird problem.  The character is fully nude in CAS but in gameplay there is something look like a bra covered the breast. Can someone please help. This is serious ruining the game for me:cry:

I'm using Better Body nude mod and texture from wild guy body detailed. I don't have WickedWhims and male nude installed. The sims 4 update to latest version include Cats and Dogs DLC.



Here is my nude mod list. I double checked, there is no other nude mod beside these one.






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Hey there. I have two possible solutions for you:

  1. Remove the CC top that shows up on your nude sims' body. For some reason, certain CC clothes get set as part of the bathing outfit. This usually works for me whenever this happens in my game.
  2. Download WickedWhims. I'm not sure if this'll help, but it does include a bit of content related to nudity; this includes the ability to have your sims strip off certain bits of clothing.

As an extra recommendation, you should probably install some mods for male nudity as well. I mean, it'll be a bit weird having nothing but naked chicks and fully clothed dudes walking around lol. At least in my opinion.


Hope this was helpful!

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Sims4Studio also has a fix for this exact thing. It's a batch fix that unflags CC for nudity and a godsend when you get into situations like this. 




Register and download the latest version. Then go into Tools -> Batch Fixes -> CAS -> Disallow CC for shower (nude). 


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