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Question About Voice Actors in Skyrim


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Okay so Skyrim has been out for over six years now, and I finally need an answer to a stupid question I've always asked myself during that entire time, someone indulge me please:


The voice actors for Sven/Faendal... Mikael/Amren... Couriers/The Ebony Warrior... etc...  Are these two different voices entirely? I've always thought they were the same guy just using a different tone or something. 


Is that true, or have I just been completely crazy for the past six years, thinking that it was the same dude speaking for both? I need to know. Thanks.     

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Sven & Faendal - No, Sven was Jason Marsden & Faendal was Jon Curry.

Mikael & Amren - No, again the same actors - Mikael was Jason Marsden & Faendal was Jon Curry.

Dno about the Couriers and Ebony Warriors but prolly the same, they likely have a similar voice.


Bethesda had only a handful, about 100, VAs in the game. Which is a good number but considering the amount of voices in the game, it's really not.

Because Bethesda wanted to cut down on costs as much as possible which is why everybody sounds the same.



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