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[IMPORTANT] F4SE RegisterForKey function (Hotkeys in mods like Four Play + Community Patch) apparently broken

Chosen Clue

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So I've discovered that there might be an issue with the new F4SE 0.6.1 update that makes it compatible with Fallout 4 Version 1.10.40.


When any script mod tries to use the RegisterForKey function, they don't receive the events for that key.

Other users have noticed this as well.


After discovering this issue myself when trying to start a new game in Fallout 4, I rolled back to the previous versions of FO4, F4SE, and F4SE dependent mods, and mods using the RegisterForKey function worked again.


If this issue is universal among FO4 players, I suggest that anyone still on 1.10.26 to stay on that version, and for anyone else to roll back your game data to pre 1.10.40 until F4SE is fixed.

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