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Underbust corset (Edit of an EA lingerie)

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These are an edited EA lingerie. See the difference between the original and my edits in the screenshots. There are four package files in the .ZIP;
Top for female sims - Top for male sims
Accessory clothes (in gloves) for female sims - Accessory clothes (in gloves) for male sims


BGC. Everyday, Party, Formal, and Sleepwear. Young Adult, Adult and Elder. Optimized for all genders. Custom thumbnails. 10 colours.



Top version. + Acc version with Luumia's TIT-E top. + Acc version with Heliotropic's Heavy Boobs top



Top version. + Acc version with Luumia's BOD-E top. + Acc version with Untraditional Nerd's Muscular Top




Custom thumbnails preview.


  • Edited Diffuse, Specular, and Normal.
  • TOU - None. Except, if you make derivative works like recolours, credit me. (You don't need permission and can include the mesh. The "mesh")


Tip jar: ko-fi.com/hbaabw


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