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Courier randomly gets naked and game crashes

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So my character spawns in cottonwood cove, it seems if I try to go away, either by walking or fast traveling, he will suddenly get naked and the camera will go into tfc, as if initiating a sex scene. After that, there will be a brief loading screen, followed by the death sound. The game usually crashes at this point. When it didn't crash, my camera is still in tfc, and my character is spawned below black mountain in the ground.


By disabling mods I noticed that this doesn't happen if sexout.esm is disabled, but does happen even if sexout.esm is the only mod enabled.

If I disable all my mods, load up the game, save, and then enable all the mods back, the problem does not occur.


Enabling the sexout debug messages in MCM shows that my character is indeed trying to start a sex scene, and that there are nightkins using stealth boys? (I guess because I'm beneath black mountain)


I'm actually really confused as to what creates this error.



EDIT: added sexout's debug console output in attached files, but the nightkins don't seem to be there this time (probably because I crashed before getting moved to black mountain).

Resubmitting this on the new site.


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