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Female VA/writer looking for collaborators!


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Hello everyone,

I'm just posting here because I'm looking for people who need a VA role filled, or simply have a project that could use another voice/perspective.


Experience: I have a bunch of varied voice acting experience outside of the modding community with machinimas, but I am involved in 2 writing projects and 5 VA roles that are in-progress right now. Each project is utterly unique in its own right, which is keeping me versatile.


Skills: I have a clear, professional condenser microphone as well as a comfortable knowledge of audacity, I can do audio effects if that is required of the role. I also am a writer who can pitch dialogue all day, as well as develop a truly life-like character if you need the help or just someone to brainstorm with. I have typically been casted in more character-y roles than the innocent leading lady, as my voice and acting style in general favours complex, cunning [censored] and playful, wild spirits. However, at the end of the day I am very flexible and enthusiastic to tackle any material you might have for me.


About Me: I'm an ENFP. At my core, I'm really just a person who lives on collaboration and creativity, I love to create with others and am frequently inspired. More than anything, I'm just seeking like-minded people to explore my passions with. I'm painstakingly working on a companion mod of my own right now, which will probably never see the light of day considering my technical proficiency is not anywhere on the level of my creativity, hence why I could really use someone to collaborate with. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I really want to help you with your project in any way I can!

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are we looking for paid gigs or community [free] things?


i've a female orc follower i wanted to voice for forever as well. just don't have the guts to do it with the voice changer. her name is irrelevant because i still haven't settled on one seriously. also not her default gear XD


she's suppose to be kinda rough asshole like orcs stereotypically all but she was adopted in solitude. https://darkconsole.tumblr.com/post/152407612284/about-20-years-ago-her-familys-stronghold-was one of the things i wanted to do with her was recreate that story on my tumblr as like a quest in a dream.


if you were thinking of dipping into nsfw things i can think about 40 other additional projects ive wanted to do.


only really working on skyrim special edition now myself tho, if that matters.



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I've had quite a few roles in my Fallout: New Vegas mod Tryout, which I've linked below.


Most of the voice work I'd need is various slaves and prostitutes (especially a slave that stands near a fully-voiced slave mistress), but one of the roles is for a pharmacist.  All the dialog deals with really heavy sexual themes, which I understand if you're not up for.


There's also the question of whether you're seeking compensation, and if there's any writing projects you'd want a collaborator for, because I'd be happy to lend help in the writing department if you were to need it.



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