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[REMESH] Madlen Vittoria Boots

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  • Another remesh for Madlen's original Vittoria boots mesh*
  • You will find a pair with a decent height and an 'extreme' height, both for adults and teen
  • Known bug: in CAS you will see a texture/mesh glitch that I couldn't fix(you will see in one picture), but in-game there is no problem, it disappears and everything's fine(I don't know how and why:lol:)
  • No OMSP needed, 15/16 units for the normal boots and 22/23 units for the 'extreme' ones
  • PM me if you will find any glitches or problems with them moreover the one mentioned by me







  *I will try upload the file and photos on the older site, looks like the updated one isn't showing them right now

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    The Sims 3 Base Game


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