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  1. Newest version is fricking up my mod list, for some reason. Probably the updated RJW or something. Took me 3 hours to sort thru.
  2. Was it able to be used in-game now? I'd like to see a screenshot of it.
  3. Love your Pixiv stuff fam.

    1. candy8205


      i am having trouble with the mod can you help me if possible 

  4. You're putting actual 3D models with animation? Or a 2D image that calls up a pre-rendered sex animation?
  5. You should check out his new stuff on Pixiv. It's absolutely nice.
  6. Do you have any Ballet Boots for the game?
  7. Hello to everyone, Thanks to Rubber Resources from the Nexus, the latex/rubber fetish is more mainstream and more mods are made to suit the fetish. However, I would like to see more add-ons to this such as Condom Suits. Like in the images below.
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