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The crouch key no longer works


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Lots of mods on LL for Skyrim put the character into different states, like locking controls, locking view, etc.  Sometimes, they don't exit gracefully when forced too - like mashing the space bar to end a sexlab scene - or when getting attacked whilst in a sexlab scene.  This can have the effect of giving the player back most control of the character, but some keys don't work - like crouching, drawing a weapon, camera controls, etc.  This usually happens to me when I'm in free look mode through SexLab, and the scene ends abruptly (from combat or some other reason).


I find that using a grinding wheel or armor table generally solves the issue.  Another one I've found usually works is calling the Sanguine's Debauchery surrender menu (if you have it installed).  Call it with the "\" key (by default).  When the prompt appears about surrendering, just exit it out - and it will almost always return full controls back to the player.

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