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What mods should I try?

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Hello! So i have not played sky rim in a long time. and want to get back in. But I don't know what mods to try. downloaded too many so it just crashes on startup. What are some good new mods? (Ill be getting defeat for sure. I remember that one.) Any good bondage ones? Thanks! 

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It's not that you have downloaded too many that it crashes on startup, the problem is that you don't have enough.


Many, many mods require other mods to operate. They act as a web, and have all sorts of co-dependencies.


It would be a good idea to start small, however, and get your core mods up and running before adding more. That way, it's easier to troubleshoot what's causing a crash at startup. Install the various Fnis, sexlab, sexlab aroused, xpmse skeleton, and then get into devious devices, zaz, etc. etc. do quest mods last, as you'll likely already have the dependencies installed by that point.


Also, all mods (should) list their dependences on their download page. Make sure to take note.  Also, your mod manager should flag mods that don't have other mods they need.

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