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  1. Back when I made the dollsuit, my "elegant" solution to getting around bodyslide/UNP vs CBBE etc, was to make the suit turn off the entire player character's body. every slot is overridden. That way, I didn't have to worry about clipping, waist size, etc... separating it would immediately open a can of worms. It wasn't built in a way that's friendly to parting it out. But I was never an expert in such things and of course anyone is welcome to try.
  2. These meshes exist, and are weighted to the CBBE body. it's a progressive latex covering that flows from the collar, down. Considering I made these from scratch, I think they're free to share. If it's of interest. It would take me some time to find them, however. They're on an unplugged computer. Could make some good staged-quest material. The reason I was confused is because they are titled ooze1 -> ooze8.
  3. Question... when you say you converted the ooze--did I include the progressive ooze stages from the abandoned "suited for Slyrim" in this and forget about it?
  4. Hey, I just wanted to pop in and say I'm very excited that Prime66 is updating this, and am looking forward to trying it out some day. Just from reading the updates so far, I'm confident it's going in a good direction, and is in good (and more capable) hands. Thanks!
  5. Love your Pixiv stuff fam.

    1. candy8205


      i am having trouble with the mod can you help me if possible 

  6. Not abandoned... well... My desktop is (on top of not having time to work at,) is also partially disassembled. excuses excuses.
  7. For what it's worth, I have been working on another project that isn't Skyrim-based. Since I literally don't have the time lately to sit and mod Skyrim at my desktop, or model objects in 3D Studio Max, I've been using twine as a creative outlet on my laptop, making a CYOA/twine game called "Redesigned" in the smaller chunks of free time I have on the go. Many similar themes, a bit more extreme in some aspects. https://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=viewgame&id=1616
  8. Yes. That's my mod, sorry about that. I think it was one of the first things I changed when I started working on this project and didn't know what I was doing or the importance of duplicating objects in the creation kit before changing them.
  9. I haven't, had time, no . But I'm not writing it off as totally abandoned.
  10. You may share it, but please link back here to loverslab if you would. The dollsuit does not have a bodyslide conversion yet. Sorry. someone was working on it, but I told him I would get him a simplified version of the meshes, which I failed to do I haven't made progress on the mod, my life is hella busy, sorry
  11. Got it. I can take a look later, but the requirements, " Requirements of: HGEC body / Coronerras'Maximum Compatibility Skeletons or Universal Skeleton" are... uncommon to say the least. Hopefully by "Universal skeleton" that means the important bones are named the same as the default skeleton and xp32. But the bodyshape is going to be unconventional and have some clipping. Unless... being a sweater has enough wiggle room for that. Probably something fixable by outfit studio, but that's not my wheelhouse. Still-I can look over the nif for any oddities first, make sure it has the ri
  12. I can check these out and get back to you in a bit. edit: sorry-- the link seems to take me to something that is not a sweater?
  13. Interesting premise for a cryptocurrency... basically like monetizing the revit upvote system or Facebook likes. the problem I see with it is that it creates an incentive to post quantity over quality, feedback and reactions will always leave people wondering whether the motivation to post is genuine interest or unrelated greed. Also, there would appear to be a gatekeeper for the coin--the forum host. This is probably addressed somehow. But... posting on the forums... does no computational work. So it's not exactly a proof-of-work style of mining? Sounds interesting tho
  14. Both mainstream mod organizers also do a good job of showing mod dependencies and highlighting/flagging mods which are missing requirements.
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