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UNP -> UNP variant refitting in bodyslide/outfit studio?


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I have AIO hdt animated pussy mod and it has its own body presets (I chose UNP Extra Joycen option). I have a bunch of armor replacer UUNP HDT bodyslide. I am not experienced with bodyslide and I can't find the information i am looking for specifically but it should be fairly simple.

Since all my armor replacers / clothes etc are based on basic UNP shape i want to refit them for the UNP variant from AIO's mod (extra joycen). I have tried simply opening bodyslide and clicked batch build but this actually creates a new body overwriting AIO's body which is besides the point and I don't think it attempts to fit extra joycen. I'm not sure if I can load basic UNP shape and tell the replacers to fit the UNP variant. Well, let me know.


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Nobody is answering because there is bodyslide thread, and a technical questions subforum. Plus that is a very basic misunderstanding of how bodyslide / ingame looks actually works.


1.) both female and male characters use their own meshes for armors and when naked (= 4 sets of meshes)

2.) per standard, the armor uses the meshes in its own file folder

3.) if you don't want the armor mod to use the standard meshes, you need to create new ones

4.) in order to create new meshes for the armor, there must be a bodyslide conversion available for it.


Just check the last couple of pages of this board. You'll find several modders / contributors that created UUNP / bodyslide support for numerous armors. If you can't find what you were looking for, you can make requests or try to find out who that whole thing works.

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