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  1. Tried the LE version, seems to work but there might be some underlying issues about using the LE original mod in SSE... hopefully someone can update it for SSE with the new CBBE CBPC Special body and textures
  2. I found the download for KZstyle for LE but its file structure is different than other mods and it has its own body/skeleton/textures etc, I am not experienced enough to know how to make that work in SSE nor how to make it work with the new CBBE Special with CBPC physics&collisions and included texture for the labia meshes. I don't think it would be very hard for someone experienced, they could just copy paste the labia texture included in the CBBE mod to the KZStyle custom texture for khajiits&argonians and then change the body & skeleton in the file structure as well.
  3. Hello I am looking for KZStyle khajiits and argonians for SSE IDK if there is a version with CBBE body CBPC with the labia meshes added (including textures) but if not I'll take the normal one Thanks if you can help
  4. Hello I am looking for a good khajiit and argonian replacer that makes them look more human, basically like KZSTYLE but with CBBE body including physics and vagina physics, Fluff's hybrid khajiit and argonian don't look too good and it seems like I can't find any other mod that replacer khajiits and argonians to be more sexy but also applies a physics body to them. Any idea? (Argonian replacer too) Possibly if someone had kzstyle khajiits & kzstyle argonians with working CBBE bodies with physics&collisions including labia and the textures it comes with but with the added labia te
  5. Quick question, I have mods like More Nasty Critters which seems to overwrite some files of SLAL, should I let animation packs and MNC to overwrite SLAL? (left pane of MO2)
  6. Not sure if it's an issue with the mod or something else but everything seems to be working fine with the new version then I install it in game, it prompts all the usual stuff when installing and then it says Ready. But then I go in MCM to play with the settings and the only tab i have is to install it, as if it didn't install. I'm stuck in that loop and won't install framework in-game but there are no errors or anything. Idk if I'm the only one with the issue but it might not be an issue with this new version, maybe something on my side. Anyone else has this where it looks like it's installin
  7. All I have in this path is FNISBase, XPMSE and some .hkx files, How can I check where my animations are generating? And how do I make them generate in the correct place It feels like they are in the right place though cause every other generated files are there in meshes\actors\character For example: meshes\actors\character\behaviors have a bunch of files that are generated from FNIS (i don't think i have any gender specific animations installed yet)
  8. Tried with and without those checks and same issue Swapped hdt-smp for CBPC and I always re-run FNIS before trying Same issue, with CBPC physics are gone but that's probably something else I haven't looked into CBPC installation 100% Anyway, T-pose. Tried to move XPMSE under everything to make sure it overwrites, same thing I need to know exactly what options to check during Bodyslide install, CBBE body install and XPSME install because surely something is wrong there Tried different combinations and still T-Pose Also when creating body in bodyslide I need to pick CBBE Body Spec
  9. Hello, I can't seem to figure out why I am T-posing. - HDT-SMP 1.5.80 framework and physics installed - Bodyslide with hdt option installed - XP32MSE with hdt option installed - FNIS - CBBE with hdt option installed In that order on the left pane of MO2 Ran bodyslide and chose CBBE Body Special and batch build for CBBE Body Special Ran FNIS Start new game and both male and female are T-Posing in racemenu, tried removing clothes to see if there was a change and also T-pose but physics work (breasts and butt jiggle) Not sure why SOLVED: I'm a next level idiot an
  10. Alright so, I haven't been playing or modding SSE for a long time and last time I was hdt-smp was pretty new and there were other options available for physics. I'm wondering what is the go to physics mod right now? One that offers physics and collisions for body/clothes etc. I know there is HDT-SMP, HDT-PE, CBP with collisions, maybe other options and I am looking for which one is the better one so I can build my setup around it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I used to only have a macbook pro and I had to play modded skyrim in 720p (800 technically cause aspect ratio is different) and I am now moving to 1440p gaming with the rig I am building. I will need to make a new mod setup to push graphics to the maximum without being unreasonable. Specs: Ryzen 2700x EVGA RTX 2070 XC Gaming (will probably overclock) G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 C16 Dell S2716DG (144hz 1m TN G-Sync monitor, G-Sync range 30-144) MSI b450 gaming pro carbon AC EVGA supernova 850 G3 WD Black 1tb nvme m.2 I have never experimented with big graphics mods due
  12. GTX 1080ti seems to be around 700$ then i need to pay the nvidia tax for gsync monitor. On top of that 4k will be much more expansive and demanding for a questionable difference. I think I'll stay at 2k at most... I was really hoping for a good amd gpu... i guess gtx 1060 is an option too for the same price, wonder if it would run 2k decently though
  13. Hi, As title says, I'm looking to build a new pc, In general, I don't really play games which are extremely demanding graphically. But, I don't want it to be short when it comes to heavily modded skyrim. 1. The first thing I'm wondering is if it's worth to go for a 2k monitor instead of 1080p since it will increase the price of all my other parts since i want IPS, free/G sync and high refresh rate. 2. I think i will for for an AMD build, Ryzen 2700x with fast memory, how much memory should I target for heavily modded skyrim? 3. I can save money if i buy a RX 580 and a freesync monito
  14. Hi, can someone help me figure out why I have 2 SOS at the same time, like double sos meshes on top of each other. I downloaded as required: - schlongs of skyrim - tempered skins for males part 1 - tempered skins for males SoS lite version part 2 of 2 - tempered skins for male hand fix thats my left pane order in MO2. Seems like tempered skin for males conflicts with SoS? EDIT: just deleted tempered skins altogether and its fine now so definitely something about tempered skins
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