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How To Level XSkills


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For anyone who is using mods that add new skills and want to use "player.setav" console command on those skills to level them, setav/modav will not work like they do for the normal skills.

I know of 3 mods that add new skills.
1 - Fundament Enchanting Add-ons  
2 - Pickpocket Skill Overhaul  
3 - Lovers Satisfaction  



The new skills are given an Actor Value Code (AVC), the first of the new skills in your skill list will have an AVC of 96.
Open the console and type  "player.setavc 96 50" without the quotes. This will set the new skill to 50.
If using all 3 mods, you will setavc 96, 97 and 98.



This comes in handy for those odd time where something got messed up and you need to reset a skill to some other level. It's VERY handy when using No Player Leveling.

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