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Immersive Citizen's AI Overhaul - Follower's Running Away


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So as the title says, I'm having an issue with my followers sheathing their weapons and fleeing from combat. This has happened only recently, I installed a few mods recently-- but none of them modify npcs to my knowledge. My load order is such that the follower management mod I'm using (old AFT, I never migrated to the newer IAFT) is loaded after Immersive Citizen's. I thought I wouldn't have this issue, but it appears load order didn't help this time.


Actually, I'm not all upset about it. I think followers running away from great threats is fine, but they run away when the enemy is fewer than 10 levels above them. It is contrary to what I read here: http://nextgen-ai.com/immersive-citizens-ai-overhaul/ because they flee without even taking a hit sometimes.


One of my characters is level 29. Followers run away from a forsworn briarheart who is level 31-38-- even though there's three of us. They also run away from a Draugr Deathlord who is level 45, which makes sense as they're more than 10 levels behind it. I have to manually "setlevel" the enemy to only 1 level above mine (30) for them to have confidence enough to fight. This is annoying, because the enemy's equipment changes (although, not by much as most of my weapons are vanilla)-- as well as immersion breaking (I mean, to pause the game and do this every time is an annoyance).


Come to think of it, this might only affect vanilla followers as custom ones didn't appear to flee until their health was greatly reduced during the fight, so perhaps . . . it is load order partially that only affects vanilla followers-- I obviously can't move Skyrim.esm below anything though. Can I use TES5EDIT or something to fix this? I read on the Immersive Citizens FAQ that npcs in the companions faction are "fearless" and will fight to the death. I'm not sure how to do that though outside of the game's console (e.g. AddToFaction <companion's factionID>), is there a better way?


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