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So, I've recently encountered something that causes LastException.txt to update. It's whenever I select the kiss interaction. It seems that every other romance interaction works perfectly fine (SIDE NOTE: there seems to be an extra option for flirt and ask on date), but the normal kiss interaction (not including the other kiss interactions (suave, neck, cheek)) does not seem to work properly (i.e. t-pose for about a second and a half and then reset sim).


I've searched around other threads, but they seem to be incomplete in finding actual solutions. I thought i'd give it a try and see if I can get an actual solution to my issue. Perhaps it can relate to the extra options of flirt and ask on date. I have also uninstalled inteen, yet I do not know of any other mods within my massive mod collection that relates to modifying romance interactions.


(also sorry if i sound like a robot while you read this lol)


I have also posted down my LastException.txt for some help.


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Hi !
Don't know if you had this glitch before, but at first glance, I notice you are running game version 1.31 , maybe you should update your game to the current version.
The second thing i can remember is have you placed the whickedwimsmod folder under your mods folder <first level> ?
There's a lot of path errors, and scripts can't be reached if you place them more than 2 sub folders deep.
Try to delete all ts4script files related to whickedwims and extract the folder that's inside the downloaded rar file directly inside the mods folder.
It may look noob, but we never know

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