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Character Model [Glitch?] need help

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What you are seeing is improper body textures being used for the body you are using. First hint (look at hips) nasty hips marks 2nd (look at boobs) nipple textures are in the incorrect spot they are above when they should be down lower. Both these signs point to you using CBBE body textures on a UNP/UUNP body.


UNP and CBBE bodies have different UV maps which cause those nasty hips marks nasty nipples as well as sometimes having nasty breasts as well. So uninstall your body texture and replace it with a UNP/UUNP compatible body texture.






I did this awhile back for easier explantions.

Body on the left is the UUNP body on the right is the CBBE body. Notice how the nipple textures for the breasts for the CBBE body is above where the mesh is for the nipples are actually at? Can you also see the nasty hip mark?


The UNP body is fine because I am using UUNP/UNP bodies.




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