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How do I make a Steel Bikini armor use Orcish armor textures?


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How do I make a Steel Bikini armor use Orcish armor textures?


and how can I make it so there are two version- regular steel bikini

with its appropriate textures and with the Orcish available to use

in the playthrough for the sake of being fickle?

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To do this, you'll be creating a very simple mod.  However, you'll also need to use photo editing software (Gimp or Photoshop) to edit the steel bikini texture to be "orcish" and NifSkope to modify the meshes to use the new texture files.


General steps:

  1. You'll need the Creation Kit to duplicate the steel bikini in to a new esp file.  Have a look here for the "official" Creation Kit method on how to copy an armor piece, rename it, and customize.  You will need to create a copy of the steel bikini with a new form ID, so the original is preserved.  The new armor will be the one you turn in to the "orcish bikini"
  2. You'll need GIMP or Photoshop for the texture editing.  Open up the original Steel Bikini and the Orcish Armor, and copy/edit/modify the steel bikini to be "orcish", save as a new filename (don't overwrite the steel bikini original).
  3. Re-texture the armor mesh for the new "orcish bikini" you created in step 1 (tutorial from Bethesda using Creation Kit and NifSkope) (in the esp you created in step 1)
  4. Install to game and profit


If you follow the tutorial in step 1, the armor won't be added to any vendors or leveled lists (that's more advanced) - so the only way to acquire it would be a console command to add it to your PC.


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another useless copy paste?



orcish texture suck, let's go iron


fast and crappy way, scale 0.5 or 2 or something, and you move around the uv map on something that don't look too bad


fake hd texture way, you load that thing in blender

select the right side of uv map

inverse x

move that on left side of uv map

scale 2 for x

repeat for y, then x again, then y... until the crappy texture look a little better, or the texture repetition become too obvious


or you unwrap the uv map to check if it's easier with whatever you get



to put that in game, you load tesedit

go to armor

copy paste steelarmor, steelarmoraddon, constructiblesteelarmor, tempersteelarmor as new record 2

then you put the 2 id in the 2 record


not much longer to give it to npcs

copy paste steelarmor as new record steelarmor1

copy paste leveledlist whatever as new record armorsteelarmor

put steel1 and 2 in armorsteelarmor

renumber to the id of steelarmor

all outfits, leveled list, inventory... that have a steel armor, will now pick either steelarmor1 or 2




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