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Need help with Four Play Stats and Personal Sex Log 0.2


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I'm using the "Four Play" ( with all its requiers files ) , "Four Play Stats and Personal Sex Log" and the " Start Me Up - Alternate Start " mods but, what I'd like to know is:
is there a way to  use the console to spawn the said Personal Sex Log ?

The very first time I used it, it was with a saved game and everything worked fine. But now, when I'm starting a new game, it seems to spawn in my inventory while I'm creating my character but, as soon as I'm really starting the game, the log isn't in my inventory anymore.
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No mods installed and running before leaving Vault 111 right??? This is a root cause of MANY mod related issues.... especially before you get the pipboy. Best to do the 111 stuff, exit the vault, save your game, exit, activate your mods and then reload your save...

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You're right, I'll try this option right away


NEVER EVER install a mod until AFTER you leave the vault (some say you need to at least visit Concorde as well).


But FOR SURE not until after you leave the vault.





All this time I didnt know this, so do you not even do Looksmenu and character design til after the vault too? I guess I have some glitches, latest being a game where water bottles wont fill at any source using the same mods used previously and they worked fine, is this the kind of affect of early installs. Thankfully FO4 isnt the ctd fest Oldrim was but I have always just thrown my 190 mods on and went at it. Snap and Build and Cheat Terminal sometimes have caused a hang up at the very start but this has been rare. So to be clear, you turn on 0 mods, get out of the vault and save, turn on all of the mods you want to use then back into game to do character creation?

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