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Are there any brothel mods where npc's will have sex with other npc's?

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you can sort of make your own "brothel mod" with just one mod "TDF Prostitution"


it will let you hire NPC's as whores (you can hire male or female, and from vanilla or custom added ones).

after hiring you will have to train them a certain amount (pimp them out by finding customers for them) before they will work on their own.

then you can have them work on their own.  (do this in a tavern so they have customers, can actually do anywhere in a walled city you own a house in).

they will actually go and find their own customers (until you talk to them and have them go "off the clock")

if you are not in the same cell they will gain a set amount of money and experience (as a whore) per day.

if you are in the same cell however - they will gain experience and money on a per customer basis (and they will have actual sex scenes, and if you have a pregnancy mod females can get pregnant too).


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