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Black head fix?


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I started a fresh skyrim and im setting up the mods - but Im getting a unchangable black head textures ONLY on my character, all NPCs are untouched. No idea why this is happening. 

Heres my mod list. Ive tried turning off most mods, still kept it.

Help would be greatly appreciated



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That is one screen shot of left side in MO.


Your masters, Dragonborn etc should be at the top.

RaceMenu is before your masters???


SkyUi should NOT be before USleep.??


Start by fixing them up.

Do you use StandAlone LOOT, dont use the LOOT that comes whit MO. Since that one is terrible old.




So your Unmanaged Enb for dark dungeons may conflict whit Purety.

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Use LOOT then TES5EDIT and select all, then wait for it to load, then right hit your top most esp/esm/mod and go down the list to sort masters, that will me quick then clean master right below that one, not ITM or undelete and disable...it's will take some time, then click anywhere after it's finished and see if any mods went bold then exit and save changes if another pop up window comes up with a smaller list of mods...then LOOT once more...


DO NOT DELETE ITM OR UNDELETE AND DISABLE...just sort and clean masters...no deletion...

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