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  1. If you still have NMM sometimes the mod version number disappears and gets replaced with a " ? " just delete that and re download the mod, if you use Vortex or MO2 then its probably done differently
  2. What if your stuck at the beginning of the game in the bathroom with no why to kill yourself?
  3. Better to sort using LOOT or Xedit or if both which one first?
  4. There should be a compatibility file people can down load so they can keep other modded races from either defaulting their faces to a furry race and having a floating maw, or others that don't add in the right maw to a modded race facegen...its just a little scary having the facegen fail like that Also trying to get custom claws or furry hands and then have nothing show up, like models that have no hands or feet because after installing this mod, the defaults are claws and fur feet. If you understand what I'm getting at, Please let me know, if this is a different issue then point me in the right direction, I don't want to piss off moderators or other staff...
  5. I'm not sure if this is valid but... Any vanilla PC can probably wear these, but when I tried it on a custom character, it CTD, well the HU diapers are doing the CTD Models in question is Krystal and Lucario, I just have a little fetish with them having diapers on, I mean some of the diapers work, and fit on Krystal but not Lucario because of those wide hips...oh speaking of which his pants should be able to take off, doesn't matter if thats not canon, its just more clothing to take off... So I'm just wondering please if those mods could be added into either the diaper lovers, or to custom character models with a DL patch, maybe with race comparability... Whole game works up until I try to equip any HU diapers on custom characters, I can even record up to the CTD, other diapers work most of the time but still don't scale to custom bodies...
  6. If someone already said the following please let me know and link me to it... Will this go to Special? SSE?
  7. One more question: Between MME and ZAZ, should you install MME first then overwrite with ZAZ and which ZAZ? or ZAZ first which one then overwrite with MME?
  8. I know this is not SSE but any alternatives until this is out for SSE?
  9. Is this in the possess of being transferred to SSE?
  10. One question but not to break a chain of other talk here but: This mod model comes with its own underwear, fundoshi i think? If not I might be thinking about another model mod....if not here link me to fundoshi mod
  11. I know there might not be a mod that does this yet and if you try and make a mod out of this it might be hard but could there be a mod where it has both the HDT and BBP files in it and it keeps them separate and there is a MCM switch in the game, but maybe it has to fade out to load and load only at certain times? The mod file would have both HDT and BBP in it but make one ESM and the other ESP? Do I have the right idea and or but I have to think about it more or if it's confusing to you do I need to repeat it a different way?
  12. Is there a post for the Skyrim Special SSE SE edition HDT?
  13. It's on nexus now but you get there by accident or use google to look for the name of her race and SE, not special and not SSE just put her race name and SE down in google and you should find a link to nexus Right now you can just get the armor, either use console, forge/smith the parts, or use "AddItemMenu" mod, just make sure you have UIExtensions too I could become a Cenerian, did you choose female? Male might not work
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