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Bouncing Sim Boobies: Updated 7/11/2021

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I've been moving through the animations in alphabetical order, but I think I'm going to skip and get dancing, treadmill, and a few other obvious ones, before returning to grinding through the list. No luck on the walk styles yet. I'm having the same problem Shooty was having.

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I was watching my vamp go into their hissing fits and was hoping you might see that animation that near the top of your priorities. Also yoga. But mostly hissing fits. Cant wait for your next update.

I'll check it out. Yoga was all ready pretty high up. Tonight I'll upload dancing.

Great work, but, when I'm telling a joke, the animation plays but the sims do not say anything

Well that's weird. So far it appears to work on my end. We'll have to see if any others have the same problem.

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  • tonicmole changed the title to Bouncing Sim Boobies: Updated 7/11/2021

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