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Skyrim not responding upon Sanguine's Debauchery enslavement

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I have recently installed Sanguinw's Debauchery plus (and all of its supporting mods) and am suffering from Skyrim "not responding upon enslavement. It displays the message that I surrendered, and that I have joined such and such faction, but it then stops responding at that point. Papyrus log is attached. I have confirmed all supporting mods for SD+.


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[07/17/2017 - 02:17:45PM] ERROR: Property Variables on script _SDQS_DA_DreamworldDeath attached to _SD_DA_DreamworldDeath (311435A4) cannot be bound because daymoyl_Monitor (0F000D62) is not the right type

It looks like you either have an old version of SD+ or Death Alternative, or both. 


Make sure to get the latest versions of both mods.

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