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NPC's not removing equipment

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Been having this problem for a while now, and nothing I do seems to fix it. So I thought I let you good people have a go at it.


The problem I'm having is the female NPC's do not remove their equiped items for the sex act (this also includes companions).


Here is my load order.




x FalloutNV.esm

x DeadMoney.esm

x HonestHearts.esm

x OldWorldBlues.esm

x LonesomeRoad.esm

x Lings.esm

x GunRunnersArsenal.esm

x ClassicPack.esm

x MercenaryPack.esm

x TribalPack.esm

x CaravanPack.esm

x oHud.esm

x Weapon Mod Expansion.esm

x Project Nevada - Core.esm

x Project Nevada - Cyberware.esm

x Project Nevada - Equipment.esm

x Project Nevada - Rebalance.esm

x WME - DLC's.esm

x NSkies URWLified.esm

x ELECTRO CITY-CompletedWorkorders.esm

x ELECTRo CITY-Highways and Byways.esm

x Sexout.esm

x SexoutCommonResources.esm

x SexoutPregnancyV3.esm

x SexoutSlavery.esm

x SexoutLegion.esm

x st.esp

x LogicalReputationShifts.esp

x _Fh hair test.esp

x 1CrazyTestEsp.esp

x MergedHairs.esp

x DarnifiedUNIV.esp

x The Mod Configuration Menu.esp

x dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp

x RNVExtended[20]v3b1.esp

x mojave music expanded v1.1.esp

x Sorter - Combined.esp

x Centered 3rd Person Camera.esp

x Readius_Nv.esp

x epock.esp

Free Tribal Outfits.esp

x Holster.esp


x Merccustom.esp




x jailhouserockette.esp

x dragongirl.esp

x NV_AsharasFormalClothing.esp



x Sexysleepwear.esp

x Sexysleepwearmr.esp


Type3 Leather Armors.esp

x t3bbarmor.esp

x WastelandCourier.esp



Mantis07Reflex - Realism.esp

NVRefugee Outfits.esp


Ghost Variants Safe.esp

Ghost Variants Adjutant.esp

Ghost Variants.esp

Ghost ConversionNVRevamp.esp

x BunnySuit FNV.esp

x VegasChockers.esp

x SexyCorsets.esp

x Wearable Teddypack NV.esp

x RealSmokes.esp

x Type3MClothing.esp

x Type3MClothing_OWB.esp

x Type3MClothing_HH.esp

x T6M Equipment Replacer.esp

x T6M Unique Item.esp

x T6M Old World Blues Replace PN.esp

x T6M Dead Money Armor.esp

x T6M Combat Uniform NV.esp

x T6M CH Raider Armor.esp

x Depth of View IE Blur.esp

x Depth of Field ACTION V2 PCB.esp

x populatedcasino.esp

x bzArmour.esp

x OWB Headgear MOD Hair Fix.esp

x FNV Vanilla hat fix with with all storyine DLC's.esp

x Weapon Mod Expansion.esp

x WME -DLC's.esp

x WME - Arenovalis.esp

x EVE FNV.esp

x EVE FNV-[GRA Patch for EVE 1.3].esp

x NCRCF Reinforcments.esp

x Nskies URWLifiedHH.esp

x Nskies URWLifiedDM.esp

x Nskies URWLifiedOWB.esp

x ELECTROCITY - Imaginator.esp

Companion Sandbox Mode 3.esp

x KDC_Companion_Removable_armors.esp

x companion faces.esp

x SunnyCompanion.esp



x SexoutDiscounts.esp

x SexoutStore.esp

x SexoutConsequences.esp

x SexoutBrutalRapers.esp

x SexoutRapeGame.esp

x SexoutCompanions.esp

x SexoutRex.esp




x SexoutHookups.esp

x SexoutSlavery_Adventures.esp

x SexoutNCR.esp

x SexoutKhans.esp

x SexoutKings.esp

x SexoutFiends.esp

x SexoutPowderGangers.esp

x Tryout - Hard Prison Time.esp

x SexoutWorkingGIrl.esp

x SexoutFadeToBlack.esp

x Sexoutss_c.esp

x SmallerTalk.esp

x SexoutLust.esp

x SexoutZAZ.esp




Thanks in advance for any help

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Make sure you have the undress setting correct for them in MCM' date=' and if that isn't the problem, check their inventory for leftover undress tokens before sex starts.



I have all the undressing/redressing option as default for Player character, male,and female


Use list

use list

con only


Should they be set a different way? I have tried always for all three options.


I have checked Veronicas inv, and have found Sexout stop token, and a debug token


The undressing dose seem to be random, but if for instance Veronica gets undressed she will usually reequip her clothes before the act is done.


Really appreciate you trying to help. I know your a busy, busy man.

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There aren't any debug tokens really, those are leftover names from classic sexout.. they are followed by two letters, e.g. 'Ac' means its the 00sexoutactor token, which indicates that actor is currently in sex; should not be present on any actor not in sex. If it is in your savegame, you need to delete it from inventory manually, or make a (sexout + sexout mods) clean save.


Stop token is there to stop sex that is currently in progress. If there are any of those left on an actor that isn't having sex, they need removed as well..


Sounds to me like you just need to clean save without sexout or sexout mods.. some mod(s) you are or were using handed out some tokens and then didn't remove them.


You have to be careful of saving a game while sex is taking place, especially if you change your active mods and then load that game. This will cause any mods that handed out tokens to not be around to clean them up.

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