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Naked sims, with no hair! :(

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Hope your all well and having a great Easter and spring so far. Hope that work or college isnt too manic for you and your able to still have fun and Sim'it! :)


I have a bit of a weird issue that i am hoping someone can explain.


Yesterday i put Sims4 on and carried on helping my sim ( Chloe) enjoy her life :)


BUT suddenly there seem to be naked male sims randomly about. They have been turning up at my gallery store and also when i was Dining out with a Sim friend they are at the restaurant too :(


I fully understand many might say " well heck Sophie! naked men! thats heaven!" 


But as Skyrims Helga says, " it aint". ( sorry silly Skyrim reference there)


Anyone know why i now seem to have randomly generated naked males who nearly all also have zero hair? :(


I have Exhibitionist turned off i the WW settings. 


I am guessing my save is broken or bloated or something. 


Hoping someone can help.


I do have most of the animations mods here and as far as DLC and expansions i have the main game and Dine Out, Go To Work and the Bowling one.

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Hey sophiextime!


So you claim that you have exhibitionism off so sims wouldn't undress on their own. This means that they have to be generated that way. I can only assume you might have CC that makes them "broken" and since you claim that there are multiple of them that can't be a coincidence of them just being generated that way. Something that is worth looking for is if they have exactly the same faces, that is a result of an outdated/broken CC. Not much else I can help in that situation, you just have to find it and remove it.

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Well i know this sounds drastic but i decided to reinstall Sims4 and start a new game. i just couldnt get rid of the naked hairless male clones that seemed to be wandering around.


Since the re-install i havent seen any of them, yet. I have all my mods back in my game so i am sure it isnt WW and pretty sure its not a mod.


I think it was a broken save or even something else ;).


Hopefully no more blusish tinted clone male naked hairless weirdos in my game. :)

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