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Jexsam's Totally Not Stolen Thread Idea Rant #1: "Alternative Entertainment"


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Different creatures are always possible. If I were making the mod, they'd be restricted to the Thorn for flavor's sake, since I can't imagine anyplace else keeping Centaurs around for whatever reason.


I can't say I'm fond of the idea of putting on a show wherever, though. At least, not in Vegas.


How about this, though. What if you made better caps for putting on your own shows wherever, but if you're in a town that could be considered "civilized", it comes at the cost of a sizable rep hit? I don't imagine Novac or Primm citizens taking to kindly to dog fuckers putting on shows willy-nilly, after all. This way it'd feel more flavorful without barring the player from doing it where they want.

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And what if I am? <.< Off-Topic is fine in any of my threads anywhere so long as it's Off-Topic within the rules' date=' btw, so sure, OT is OK.




Saw the name at eyecandy and wondered if you're the same person. Doesn't matter to me either way except as a source of curiosity.

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