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Rapeum High


Author : galgat


Rapeum High


This is a School I made for my self, as I got tired of My sim entering the school, and then 6 hours latter coming out.


I made it for Kinky world, so I don't know if it works for anything else or not.


This is I am sure not very good, but it might be useful to you for study to produce your own School. I made this bigger than It needed to be.
I may latter make a much smaller version, with just the needed stuff, which I am sure would improve the play-ability of it.


I am very new to sim's world stuff, and got carried away with the editor.


I am very new to the sims stuff, so Not sure just how to tell you what Extra sims stuff you will need.


I know you need these.


Sim's 3
University >> White boards and podiums
Night life >> Dance floor, Food register
Out door life >> Buffet table


Made for Kinky World>>> So should have that
I made it for my Self, and was asked to post it, I may have stuff from Mods or things that you don't have I bought the most complete version i could get, of this great, but lagging like hell game.
I find the ant farm like play to be a lot of fun, and enjoy this way better than Sim's 4 ( The Open world is just better in my Opinion ) That walk 15 step's, and teleport in sim's 4 is like really goofy!


I am not sure after that, and I am not even 100% sure on that.


Like I said I made it for me. If you can use it fine. I have a very complete version of sim's, and when I was making it, I just looked, and grabbed what I needed.


It's in a Sims3pack, so drop the "Rapeum High.Sims3pack" in your downloads folder, and use the sims3 launcher to install it.


>>>Using it, Once it is installed.<<<


1. Go edit mod at start of new game
2. Go community building's
3.NOTE::: when build a new lot or selecting a new lot, change it to community lot, and set it to ( No Visitors Allowed ) 64x64 is best size to make for this school ( for blending into the surrounding terrain ), it will fit on a 60x60 though.


4. Find Rapeum High, and place it in the world, needs a 60 wide, I forget how deep, I just make a 64x64 lot myself, and place it on it.


5. after have rotated it, and moved it as best you can on the lot, go to build mode.
6. Use the soften tool to adjust the outer edges of the Lot as best you can, to make it blend in better with the existing map.
7. add tree's bushes, re-texture you grass, and what ever else you want to touch up.
8. now return to game mode from edit mode. Make or pick you family.


9. Once in the Game,Turn on Kinky World, and Set all Kinky world setting like you want them.


10 send one of your House members to the school, click on it, then click Kinky world choice.


11. Set Venue, select register for school. allow auto handling, and all that.


12. Make sure you Enable the school stuff in Kinky world settings [ Global ]


13. That should do it, your teen should go to school now.




I am probably very, very green about sims mod's, so I May not be much help, and i am posting this because someone said more school's, and resources for Kinky World would be good, and asked me to... So I did.


P.S. IF it does not work for you, or you don't have everything it need's I am sorry. Delete it, and grumble about my poor attempt at a school, and then forget it...

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    University, Night life, out door cooking, I am not for sure just what else may be needed. I am to new at sims stuff


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