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Sorta had to buy a newerish PC.

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So to make a long story short, an attempt to reinstall Windows and actually get the machine online failed horribly. Lots of bad customer service all around, which amounted to "YOU'RE FUCKED NOW!" This was a Saturday, and it's now almost Tuesday.


So on top of that, toss in losing everything because of external hard drive failure (thanks a lot, click of death) I'm now faced with the challenge of piecing everything back together. Which mostly involve doing extensive mod work on games that I spent months patching together until they pleased me enough to spend 400 hours playing them.


The worst part is that I lost several passwords to old accounts on forums, accounts that haven't had their contact into updated in years because I figured I was ever so clever and am now screwed because I in no way actually recall these passwords.


But atleast now I guess I can play Skyrim. So... that's... something...?


I should be mad, I guess, but it's been a long day. The rage sort of dies when you have to sit there and watch Windows install about 70 updates.

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How can you fail at instaling Windows?


And what customer service said "YOU'RE FUCKED" to a software problem?

If your hardware is still kickin' then your not fucked.



But losing data due to HDD failure you have my sympathy, I live in fear of that happening to me.

The more gigs i have the more scared i get. :(

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It failed because no matter what I did, I couldn't get my broadband modem to work. A driver was missing so I couldn't use the thing to get online to look for a driver, and I was told that by installing Windows I would get the driver. So despite reinstalling I couldn't do anything.


Since it's not under warranty customer service didn't care about my puny attempts at reinstalling, and since it wasn't a hardware problem, the company I got my modem from didn't care. So I was indirectly given a "YOU'RE FUCKED NOW".


Click... click... click... click...

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Yea, that can happen. It is best to try to keep a flash drive full of the current drivers for all your hardware so that is never an issue.


I do feel your pain! You and me can meet up with those customer service folks and give them a bit of our minds........and maybe a bit of a knuckle sandwich as well :)

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Is there no one who would let you use their computer and connection to get the driver you needed, put in on a memory stick or CD, then take home and install? Else, just replace the modem or ethernet card?


Hah, you just wanted a good reason to buy a new computer! I'd say Skyrim and other games are a good enough reason already and to do it!

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