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0-positive - Glory Hole wall with chest of drawers

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0-positive - Glory Hole wall with chest of drawers

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Here are some more mods from me 0-Positivs - Sims Mods


Inspired by the Omasters Glory Hole animations for the "Squaring it Square" wardrobe, I created a new version of the "Glory Hole".
The basis is the room divider "Circles and Rectangles", with adapted mesh fabric and new texture.
The room divider I gave the features of the wardrobe "Squaring it Square", for this reason it carries the same name.
All wardrobe-related sex animations are applicable.


the Glory Hole wall bears the name in the game:

  • Squaring it Square

The Glory Hole wall costs 445 Simoleon and can be found in the Buy menu at the following locations: 

  • Bedrooms > Chests of drawers
  • Office > Interior activities
  • Storage > Chests of drawers

Mods For the game with sex animations:


  • 0-Positiv - Glory Hole wall with chest of drawers.zip 


Installation Guide:

The Glory Hole wall was created based on the Sims 4 extension "get together", but works even if this extension is not installed.
The object tuning is integrated in the Glory Hole Wand package.


The Glory Hole wall was created based on the Sims 4 extension "get together", the wall works from Sims 4 version only with the extension "get together".


Note for users of the 0-positive - Glowry Hole wall with chest of drawers and the get together walk-in closet - script:
please delete this package if you switch to version 5 of the Glory Hole wall with chest of drawers.
The packages are no longer needed, the current version is compatible with Sims 4 version
The light effect can now be switched off and changed if desired.


Note: Since the customized version of the object tuning must have the same name as the original, the lighting control settings are also visible when using the walk-in wardrobe "Squaring it Square".
This has no effect on the normal functions of the wardrobe.

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  • Requires
    WickedWhims , Omaster and Anonny's Sex Animations for WickedWhims


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  • 1 month later...

Hello everybody,
Today I will answer a few questions.

The Glory Hole can be found in the shopping area in the bedroom category at the wardrobes.
The script error occurs when the EP2 is missing, I have solved this in version 4, please install the variant with the suffix "- without EP2".
Thanks for your feedback.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I cant get this to work, what expansion is this to or is there a script to download?

Hello Vally001, did you install the Sims 4 extension "get together"?

If you have not purchased this extension, please download the package Get together Walk-in Closet - Script.zip which I have provided, this package contains the script for the walk-in closet.

In a test with uninstalled package "get together" I could build the wall without script errors and use with all functions.

get together Walk-in Closet - Script.zip

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