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Haishao's Elly Follower for SSE FIXED

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Shouldn't this have been posted in the SSE section and not in the skyrim section since this mod isn't for skyrim? To move it to the correct area just click edit on your first post and change the category to skyrim SSE.

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I loaded the first version in Skyrim old and forgot where she hangs out to enlist her in SSE? BTW, thanks for uploading it!

NM, found it, Markarth in the Warrens. Third room on the right I think it was.


"Elly was my first and still my only follower. She's an Engineer cat girl dressed in steampunk looking outfit mixed with Dwemer armor parts. She fights by throwing gears at her enemies and if she gets in melee range, she fights with a wrench  that have a small chance to briefly disable machines. She can also call a dwemer spider to help her in combat.

She lives in Markarth Warren in a small room full of Dwemer junk. There's also 2 or 3 hidden things to find in her room and her bed can be used by player. When dismissed she should return there. If you have any mod that modify this area, they will most likely conflict

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 hi  i kinda needed to  change her skeleton for   all of my armors  to work corecly on her  but she is   adult size now is there a way to  use  a new skeleton but keep her  normal size   ?

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Imagine some 5 - 10 hours quest with some story of her past ) and maybe at the end you, with her help, can build dwemer exoskeleton :P

it's just small talk, i'm not requesting anything. is she voiced?

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