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Learning Blender in a Matter of Hours


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Guest Donkey

I wonder if there really is just one tutorial to let you learn everything in just a few hours.. I have not met one tutorial yet that explains it how to fully set it up, without you making some really practice stuff in blender itself.


It took me months before i even started to get the hang of everything blender releated. And even now i don't know blender fully. Video's are great but i have seen allot of video's where they explain stuff yet i can hardly understand a word they saying due to poor audio used.


Or the author itself uses strange accent and you still don't understand a word they just said.:P

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Had the same as a guy that is not english i had the use the hotkey H i didn't understand that at that time


(Hammer editor and half-life 1 are like 13 years old now)


it sounded like he said age and i didn't knew he meant H as in dutch that's REALLY different!

It would just be awesome if all those people who make those video's tryed using less accent!

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Guest Donkey

Might look at it looks very informative!

I already tried following some tutorials but... i really fucking hate the camera in blender! (Iam used to Valve Hammer Editor really XD )


The camera is actually the easy part. There are 2 ways to use the camera one is you can scroll around an object or you can use the pan view where you can move up down left right around an object that is the one i actually use much.


You probably have it set to Rotate view witch makes viewing a bit ackward.


On the menu on your left you see on the top side File add Timeline etc.. Next to it you should see small block screen with symbol make sure it is said ti i if not click on it and put it on i witch is user preference


where you see SR1-animation sce: Scene.001 etc. move up till your mouse pointer changes to arrow one looks up and the other down hit your left mouse button and move the box down now switch Rotate view to pan view This should make it easier to use the camera. problem is default blender always has this part set to Rotate.





Clip to show how it's done:


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