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TES-Construction SET : Help for Distant LOD

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I have been experiencing a problem for a long time and I can not manage it myself.


I want to create a world with "building set" of Oblivion and something bores me:

Once in my world, it is only by advancing that details like "Rocks, trees, mountains" appear. And this is absolutely not what I want, I want all these details to be displayed without needing to move forward.


There must surely exist a way with the editor to correct the problem, but I do not know it. I did some research on Google and I did not find anything ...

Maybe you could help me? I hope so...

Waiting for an answer,

Greeting from Paris,



[i am French, this message was translated with Google Translate. I hope you will understand me.]

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To see an object from a distance it must have a far nif.

In Oblivion only trees, city walls and some buildings have far nif.

You must install more far nifs



And to create the LOD for the game you use


TES4LODGen must be run after any changes in load order !


And if you use many Mods which change the landscape ( Ground heights and colors ) you should use


to create new Gound LOD meshes



I never used ( or open) the LOD generator of the CS.

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