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Dont mess with my hotkey mod for Casino's?


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Hello everyone


Anyone know of a mod/way to NOT reset your hotkey items after going into then exiting the casino? Its really aggravating everytime and I avoid going in there at all unless its for an important quest. If I get to keep my weapons inside casinos its fine...I promise I wont senselessly slaughter everyone in sight XD


Thanks for any tips!

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I'm not sure about NVSE being any help.. but you can save a text file "blah.txt, blah.bat, whatever" in your data directory and then do something like "c blah.txt" in the console -- or something like that -- to run it.


You can save console commands to it so you don't have to type them over and over.

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Its a txt file and you enable it in console with "bat [filename]"


I have a file I used to use frequently in conjunction with Willow because I was too impatient to track down her crap, until I learned to crack the .esp in GECK and just add it all to one of the file cabinets in the NHP station.

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