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Problems with Elz weapon dropper

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I have experienced two problems with this (very useful) fix.

The first one is critical: potential savegame bloating due to the "weapon dropper" CLOTH item.

The other is less important, and is about summoned Dremora (perhaps also Golden Saints and Dark Seducers) leaving their weapons behind when they dispel or die. Probably these items are not bloating the savegame, as long as the player does not interact with them, but I've seen bandits and other NPCs looting and using them as their own. And man, they hurt. A lot!


The good side (unless you think is unbalancing) is that sometimes you can get your hands on some good enchanted Dremora weapon for free. They are cumbersome and rarely useful, but there are some exceptions (there's a claymore with paralize effect, for example, and paralyze is usually not available at the enchanting altars).

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Thought Elz took it down and was going to fix it. Anyway, tiawar released an EngineBugFixes mod that does about the same at an obse dll lvl.

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