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Editing Water

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I'm trying to make new lava

With no Oblivion Reloaded there is no problem

With it, shitstorm unleashes


It has some kind of function that lets normal lava use the lava texture, which in this case is a retexture from an old mod called Real lava

I made a recolor of that texture, but the problem is that OR makes all water use the same texture, except of course, for the actual lava.

This means my recolor, when using OR, is useless

Asking around I barely managed to add ini settings for a new water type that changed the tones of the water bringing it closer to what I want.

But it's still using the water texture and not my recolor


I already asked in OR thread about it, but what brings me here is another doubt

There are 2 strange options in the Water edit window on the CS

Changing one of them was THE ONLY way of making the ini changes work, or else it looked like crap.

And I have no frigging idea what these options do.

Tried google but no luck

I think it is lost knowledge

But you guys are the last remnant of hope... Or Nexus technical support... but i never felt comfortable asking there.


Any ideas what are these for?


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Water have day and night water, during the night less color and reflection ( looks grey )

So if you use Water in a interior cell use Water without day.night change. ( I had a swimming pool and "DefaultWater" and always the same light in the cell and at night the water was grey....fuck. I created a new Water without day-night change. )


For Lava your setting is OK, nothing selected.


Only thing you have not done ( If you compare your lava with the Oblivion Lava ) is the Material ID setting, should be lava.

See Oblivion "OblivionLavaTest01"


But only thing I ever did with lava was using a texture replacer, never created new lava. And I don't use OR.

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Ok so it's day and night types or something...


If I change the material ID, OR automatically changes the texture to orange lava in the mod.

And it doesnt matter what settings I have or what texture I use, it completely ignores everything and overrides it with orange lava texture and colors

Which is why I left the material ID blank... though this changes the thing to water and it still ignores most of my settings including the new texture.

I managed to tweak a few things and trick it into changing color tones underwater


EDIT: And that explains a few things...

Changing settings allowed a few more changes, specially in the underwater setting wich was red by default until it was changed to something else.

No luck on the texture though...

OR seems incompatible with texture changes in water...

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I don't know.

Texture ? DXT1 with Mip map  , NO normal Map !



Edit: a test:

A copy of the OblivionLavaTest01 [WATR:00039D98]

In my DibellaWatch esm

New ID and new texture path ( water\oblivionlava077.dds), nothing else changed.


Changed the water in the interior cell ( a bath ). 

My new lava In game



The texture



It works.

The lava light settings add a lot of red, so even with a white or transparent texture it will be red.


i swapped the red green values, now green has the highest value

post-3205-0-46857500-1476386770_thumb.jpg green lava


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No no no... it... kinda works... kinda...

The problem is Oblivion Reloaded


I ended up making 2 different water types, one that semi-works with OR and the other that only works if OR is off

The distinctive difference between the 2 I think, is what I placed in those pop up menus I asked about in the OP

One is set to "DefaultWater" under Daylight (The one that works in OR)

The other is set to "NONE" (The No OR version)


Now, this is what it looks like without OR


1).- No OR Water with Disabled OR


2.- OR Water with Disabled OR



Now if I enable OR...


1).- This happens if "lava" is set to materialID


2).- This is the No OR version (the one that used to work) with OR Enabled


3).- And this is the OR version that didnt work, but now WITH OR Enabled (This one is sed to DefaultWater under Daylight)


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No problem.

Didnt expect you to either.

Though I am more clear now about the unknown drop down menus.

I'll keep being a nuisance to OR people at their thread and maybe one day they'll give me an answer...

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