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Do FNV textures work in FO3

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Simply put, I'd like to use some FNV textures in FO3 but was unsure if the game would allow it. Atm, it would just be some better skins for Type3, possibly some hairs in the future.

I ask because 90%+ of the mods here are tagged FNV.


In a similar vein though, do weapon/armour mods for FNV work in FO3? Assuming they don't reference particular cells or objects in FNV that is (i.e. they're just "console command to add" mods)



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And any other textures are not? Or mods for that matter?


If that's the case, does the relation to type 3 have to be direct or can it be tangential - i.e. body textures (such as skins) only or will other textures (such as tattoos or eye colours) function aswell since they work for all cases, type 3 included?



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Anything should work as long as it doesn't require an esp to add texture sets or art files (meshes).  Simple copy/paste should work.

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